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How To: Maintenance Introduction & Guide

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Translation Note: The Anglais version of this content is being displayed because the Français translation is unavailable.

Congratulations, and thank you for joining the ranks of Maintainers!

As such, you should already know what is and how it benefits the Uru community, so this guide won’t go over those principles. But there are a few guidelines you’ll want to consider before making any changes.

Consider these to be’s Five Golden Rules:

  1. Keep the number of categories as small as you reasonably can, at all hierarchy levels.

  2. Never create a miscellaneous or catch-all category.

  3. When changing or adding a category, rebalance (relocate entries that now fit better elsewhere).

  4. Keep entry names short and meaningful, and follow standard naming conventions.

  5. Maintain backwards compatibility. (If you change a name, make the old name a synonym).

Don’t worry if any of the above doesn’t make sense just yet. It soon will.


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